Operating and Maintenance guidelines
Based on 40 years of experience

The guidelines are based on over forty years of electrical operating and maintenance experience in generating stations.  They represent a procedural effort to improve the availability of generating stations and large industrial facilities and reduce hazards to plant personnel.   Some of the text was developed following operating and maintenance errors and some to try to mitigate outages or equipment failures reported by the industry in general.  However, there are a number of areas where the guidelines may need to be revised or upgraded by a generating station to meet their particular requirements.  Some of these areas are:

The guidelines are general in nature and manufacturers’ recommendations for their equipment have precedence over the guidelines.
There may be government (FERC, NERC, OSHA, NEC, NRC, etc.) or other local jurisdictional authorities whose recommendations have priority over the guidelines.
The guidelines assume that station personnel and contractors are well trained and qualified to perform the suggested tasks.
The station may have site specific environmental conditions that need to be accounted for.

The guidelines represent a good starting document.  However, they should be treated as a work in progress that reflects the every changing government regulations, and site-specific and industry experience in general.  However, in most cases, upgrades to the documents are not required.

The guidelines are no longer available since they are included in Tom Baker's 2018 CRC Book "Electrical Calculations and Guidlines for Generating Stations and Industrial Plants".

EOG-1   Operation of Large Generators
EOG-2   Operation of Large Power Transformers
EOG-3   Operation of Large Electric Motors
EOG-4   Operation of Auxiliary System Switchgear

EMG-1   Generator Electrical Maintenance
EMG-2   Transformer Electrical Maintenance
EMG-3   Motor Electrical Maintenance
EMG-4   Switchgear Circuit Breaker Maintenance
EMG-5   Insulation Testing of Electrical Apparatus
EMG-6   Bus and MCC Maintenance
EMG-7   Protective Relay Testing
EMG-8   Battery Inspection and Maintenance
EMG-9   Personnel Safety Ground Maintenance
EMG-10 Generator Voltage Regulator and Power System Stabilizer Maintenance

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